Nothing beats a beautiful Sunday on the water! We get asked all the time what we do on our days off and many are surprised to find that even when our

Panoply’s 2014 Wine Cellar Fishing Tournament Recap

This year’s Wine Cellar Fishing Tournament was filled with lots of fish, excitement and a little bit of heartbreak. Team Panoply was made up of the usual suspects – Captain

Help us ban longline pelagic fishing in Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands, known throughout the world for their pristine beaches and diverse marine wildlife, is being threatened by a project which seeks to determine the viability of

Fish Facts – Brilliant & Bright

For this installment we thought we’d talk about the mahi-mahi also known as dorado and dolphinfish. They get their name from the Hawaiian language which means “strong-strong” or extra strong

Wahoooo for Wahoo!

Although blue marlin represent the holy grail of big-game fish, catching wahoo and mahi mahi is fun for the whole family. Here’s some reasons why we say wahoooo for wahoo!