Exploring French Cay

Nothing beats a beautiful Sunday on the water! We get asked all the time what we do on our days off and many are surprised to find that even when our daily job involves being on or around the water, that’s exactly where we like to spend our off days – on the water. Our ‘backyard’ in Provo, with miles of turquoise waters and soft, white sandy beaches, really never gets old. So when the awful weather we had been having during the week broke mid-morning on Sunday, we jumped at the chance to get out on Serenity for a boat cruise with some friends.

We didn’t really have much of a plan in terms of location for our day out, so when Captain Bill suggested the seas were perfect for a ‘quick trip’ out to French Cay, 18 or so miles off the south side of Provo, we were all absolutely raring to go. Here are some photos of our glorious day at French Cay which involved snorkelling the coral reef, exploring shipwrecks, birdwatching, hunting for shells, lounging on the beach and an exquisite lunch on board the boat. We love being able to explore our islands and cays and scout locations and activities to share with our guests.