Tasia’s First Sailfish

On September 2nd of this year we got some friends together and went out on what we call a ‘fun’ day – friends of Panoply going out for a fun day of fishing! Charters are fun for us but on these fun days we get to set the lines then sit back, relax and crack open a cold one while we wait for the fishies to start biting. On this day we had long time friends Tasia, Geoff, Joe, Lia and Avril with us, us being Delphine, Trish and Bill. We were on a mission for a billfish and set marlin and sail lures. After a long afternoon of trolling and just one blue hit we were getting ready to pack up. As we slowly brought in the lines it happened – the reel started screaming and excitement ensued!

We screamed for Tasia to get in the chair – her boyfriend, Geoff, a good friend of the Panoply Crew and a frequent ‘helper-outer’ had caught his first blue with us a few weeks before and his first sail over a year ago. He was also at the helm and put her on her fish!

As Tasia got into the chair Delphine helped her get into her harness and clipped it onto the reel while the girls and Joe helped to bring in the other lines and teasers. We pulled the back off the fighting chair and the fight was on! Tasia did a fantastic job and after a quick 10 minute fight she got her fish in. We were able to snap loads of pics of this beauty and everyone on board was in awe of such a sensational species. Total confirmation of why we believe in tag and release and helping raise awareness on the importance of conserving billfish species.

Once we tagged the sail and watched him swim away from the boat it was time for the traditional ‘dunking’. What is this tradition you ask? It’s customary that when you land your first billfish of any kind – sail, blue, white, whatever! – you have to take a swim. So that’s what we did. Captain Geoff pushed his lady off the transom and for a swim she went! It was an awesome day with good friends, but even more amazing was watching one of our own land their first serious fish.


After all, marlins and sails are what an angler’s dreams are made…..


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