Wahoooo for Wahoo!

Although blue marlin represent the holy grail of big-game fish, catching wahoo and mahi mahi is fun for the whole family. Here’s some reasons why we say wahoooo for wahoo!

Panoply begins our wahoo season in late fall. By December, the action can be downright amazing, catching well over 150lbs of wahoo a day! So far, the wahoo have been running like mad and we’ve been catching them up with average sizes around 25lbs and big guys up to 60lbs and more.

Wahoo are among the fastest fish in the ocean, reaching speeds of up to 60mph. Their long and narrow torpedo-shaped bodies are flanked with brilliant stripes. They are also among the best eating fish you can find and we filet your catch and package it to go once we get back to the dock. Restaurants in Turtle Cove like Tiki Hut and Sharkbite are happy to cook it up for you with delicious side dishes for a small plating fee and we can call ahead and let them know you’re coming by for lunch or dinner.

Wahoo can grow to more than 100lbs and put up a fantastic fight for the angler on the other end of the line. These toothy predators are known to sportfisherman for the speed and strength of their first run. Many guests ask us how we can tell what kind of fish we have on without seeing it first – and there’s the answer – the way the fish hits the line tells the story! Wahoo tend to take a heavy first hit and then turn and run taking out a lot of line very quickly!

Wahoo tend to be solitary or occur in loose-knit groups of two or three fish, but we often find them in small schools here in Turks and Caicos. Occasionally they can be

spotted in very large schools of over 100. They prey on other smaller fish and squid and contain the most unusual looking parasitic worms in their stomachs. This trematode parasite is a hirudenilla ventricosa, or giant stomach worm. It doesn’t harm the fish and seems to do the opposite, helping them to digest their meals. If you catch a wahoo with us ask First Mate Trish to show it to you as well as what your ‘hoo had for breakfast!